Energy sector and other industries

Energy sector and other industries

In the first year of activity, CCEM has achieved significant success, with contracts totaling around 4.6 million EUR, and a notable 62% of those contracts dedicated to impactful projects in the energy sector.

In short, CCEM provided consulting and engineering services for:

  • 3,400 MW in renewable energy (79% solar, 21% wind) – technical consulting; permits for location / connection to the grid in 18 counties;
  • 1,000 MW storage capacity in batteries – techno-economic consulting;
  • 2,340 MW of conventional energy (development of new facilities, decommissioning of existing ones) – technical, economic and environmental consulting; permitting;
  • 30 ha of unproductive land reused for RES development – techno-economic consulting, ESG;
  • 4 analyses and reports (CBA, FS, etc.) for financing applications for EU funds (Modernisation Fund, PNRR).

The clients to whom we have provided our services come from various sectors: renewable energy producers and prosumers; electricity transmission or distribution systems operators; the oil and gas industry; the metallurgical industry; construction; financial institutions; consultants and general contractors (EPC); and high-capacity energy producers from conventional sources.

For additional information about our project portfolio, please send us an email to with your contact details and field of interest, and we will provide you with the requested details.