Public utilities and urban infrastructure

Public utilities and urban infrastructure

CCEM has made remarkable progress since its establishment in April 2023, having secured contracts totalling approximately EUR 4.6 million, of which 26% are projects for the provision of public utilities and for urban infrastructure.

Briefly, CCEM provided consulting and engineering services for:

  • 50 km of thermal energy network systems, retrofitted and upgraded – techno-economic consulting (FS, CBA);
  • 15 streets with water and sewage networks (resized) – technical consulting; permitting; basic and detail engineering;
  • 5 ha urban wastes dumps (closure, management centers) – technical consulting; permitting; engineering; onsite technical assistance during construction;
  • 11 analyses and reports (CBA, FS, etc.) for financing applications for EU funds (Modernisation Fund, PNRR).

Clients who have had the confidence to collaborate with CCEM – a newly established company, come from various sectors such as water and sewage, DHS, integrated waste management, circular economy / waste-to-energy (e.g., sludge from wastewater treatment plants).

For additional information about our project portfolio, please send us an email to with your contact details and field of interest, and we will provide you with the requested details.