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Energy CCEM is specialised in developing investment projects in power and/or heat generation from conventional, renewable, and alternative sources. Our expertise extends to efficient power and/or heat distribution and transmission systems, ensuring a reliable energy supply for communities and industries alike. Committed to sustainability, we promote and implement green technologies,…


Environment At CCEM, we believe in driving meaningful change through environmental oriented solutions. Our focus on air, water, and soil quality allows us to assess, address key environmental challenges, improve conditions and observe standards, by: Implementing BAT for air pollution monitoring, control and reduction; Flue-gases atmospheric dispersion modelling; Protecting and…

Public utilities

Public utilities. Urban infrastructure CCEM is at the forefront of the energy transition, emphasizing a shift towards renewable energy sources and hydrogen utilization. With over 30 years of expertise in public utilities engineering, our senior experts advise urban communities how to meet their energy demands in an efficient and sustainable way,…