At CCEM, we believe in driving meaningful change through environmental oriented solutions.


Our focus on air, water, and soil quality allows us to assess, address key environmental challenges, improve conditions and observe standards, by:

  • Implementing BAT for air pollution monitoring, control and reduction; Flue-gases atmospheric dispersion modelling;
  • Protecting and circulating surface-waters; planning watercourse regulation works; implementing floods protection systems, rainwater and storm water draining systems;
  • Designing industrial wastes landfills dewatering, waste-water treatment systems and sludge treatment and re-use plants;
  • Planning and engineering the remediation – reclamation – repurposing of former industrial waste landfills (i.e., mine tailings) and industrial historical contaminated sites.

Our experts provide innovative strategies and recommend technologies to adapt and mitigate climate change impacts.


Integrated waste management is also at the core of our approach, in order to minimize waste generation and adopt sustainable waste disposal practices.


Working closely with industries and urban communities we professionally plan and design drinking water and wastewater systems (well drilling, collecting, treatment and supply), thus promoting a natural resources-efficient use.


Our experts provide also solutions for a circular-economy by promoting the conversion non-recyclable wastes (urban or industrial wastes) into usable forms of energy (electricity, heat or fuel).


In agriculture, we recognize the critical role of water management systems in large-scale irrigation, and our tailored solutions promote water efficiency and conservation.


In this way we are committed to safeguarding the environment and fostering a greener, more resilient future.