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Mihai Chendrea

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Mr. Mihai Chendrea started at CCEM in June 2023. He continues his impressive career as a project manager – expert in soil quality maintenance, which he has built over 16 years of work at the Institute for Studies and Power Engineering. After completing his undergraduate studies at the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest (1970-1975), he pursued two master’s class: “Thermohydraulic Modelling in Combustion and Fire Suppression Processes” at the Firefighting Faculty of the “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Police Academy (2007-2009) and “Environmental Economics and Management” at the Management Faculty, University of Ecology in Bucharest (2006-2008). Mr. Chendrea has started his carrier by providing government consulting services and developing the National Strategy for Managing Historically Polluted Sites, followed by his role as a project manager for: over 50 contracts for clients in the metallurgical industry and approximately 30 contracts for the mining, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and maritime industries. These contracts covered areas such as remediation – reclamation and repurposing of historically contaminated sites or industrial waste dumps. He also managed projects for hydraulic works at settling ponds, industrial water management systems, and for water and sewer systems in urban and rural communities at the county level. Mr. Chendrea portfolio also includes several integrated municipal waste management systems, and over the past 4 years, he has overseen the irrigation infrastructure rehabilitation for approximately 130 km of network, covering 225,000 hectares of agricultural land across five counties.
Before dedicating his professional career to environmental protection, Mr. Chendrea worked for 32 years in the manufacturing of specialised vehicles, diesel engines, and transportation industries.