CCEM is specialised in developing investment projects in power and/or heat generation from conventional, renewable, and alternative sources.


Our expertise extends to efficient power and/or heat distribution and transmission systems, ensuring a reliable energy supply for communities and industries alike.


Committed to sustainability, we promote and implement green technologies, driving the adoption of clean energy solutions to safeguard the environment for future generations.


Additionally, we focused on optimising energy efficiency in industrial buildings and technological processes, empowering businesses to reduce costs while minimizing their carbon footprint.


Join us on this journey towards responsible energy solutions for:

  • Upgrading/retrofitting/repowering existing:
    • power and/or heat generation systems (TPP, CHPP, TP, NPP – non-nuclear island):
      • mechanical & technological systems
      • electric & control systems
      • auxiliary systems (i.e., fuel and utilities supply, industrial waste management, cooling circuits, wastewater and sludge management, industrial buildings management, etc.)
    • electricity and heat networks for self-industrial-consumption;
    • electricity distribution and transmission systems:
      • LV, MV over-head and underground; HV, EHV OHL
      • Transmission, distribution, collector and switching substations
      • I&C and SCADA systems
  • Implementing flexible and novel energy technologies (i.e., CCGT, CCGT-CHP, HP, trigeneration, ORC for efficient recovery of waste heat, waste-to-energy, secondary energy resources, etc.); and electricity and heat smart metering systems;
  • Reducing pollutant emissions from the power industry (i.e. low NOx burners, FGD, electro-precipitators, dens-slurry ash and slag removal, etc.) and GHG emissions in all industries (i.e. CCUS);
  • Plaining and designing the optimal energy mix towards energy transition via solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and/or hydrogen-based power and/or heat plants;
  • Storing energy (i.e., battery, thermal storage, mechanical, pumped hydro, hydrogen);
  • Adopting the distributed generation concept – decentralised/distributed energy or on-site generation (OSG).
Abbreviations: TPP – Thermal Power Plant; CHPP – Combined Heat & Power Plant (cogeneration); TP – Thermal Plant; NPP – Nuclear Power Plant; LV, MV, HV, EHV – low, medium, high, extra-high voltage; OHL – Over Head Line; I&C – Instrumentation and Control; SCADA – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition; CCGT – Combined Cycle Gas Turbine; CCGT-CHP – CCGT Combined Heat & Power; HP – Heat Pumps; FGD – Flue Gas Desulphurisation; GHG – Green House Gas; CCUS – Carbon Capture, Usage and Storage; ORC – Organic Rankine Cycle; BAT – Best Available Technics; DHC – District Heating and Cooling; RHC – Renewable Heating and Cooling