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Ms. Nicoleta Roșca, Ph.D. (Eng.), for over 20 years, has been responding professionally to the Romanian electricity market characterised by several challenges like the affordability, sustainability and security of supply, on the background of the growth of RES grid interconnection requests (i.e., WPPs and PVPs).
Starting from June 2023 dr. Roșca joined CCEM team inside the Electrical Systems Dpt. – Energy Division, and continues to identify optimum solutions throughout researches and analyses tackling all issues related to the national grid development, reliability and safety, as:

  • transmission and distribution grids interconnection studies for new and existing producers (conventional or RES), prosumers and consumers, including network impact assessment and permitting;
  • steady-state regimes analysis in compliance with the “Terms of references for users’ interconnection solutions studies “;
  • static and transient stability conditions analysis;
  • power system transient stability models for critical clearing time calculation;
  • load flow & short circuit analysis for the power system modelling;
  • optimal sizing of reactive power compensation devices (≥ 110 kV);
  • smart grids regimes and energy storage needs analysis;
  • energy efficiency indicators calculated according to the “ENTSO-E Guideline for Cost-Benefit Analysis of Grid Development Projects”.

After graduating the „Politehnica” University of Bucharest, Power Engineering Faculty (1998-2003), she earned a Ph.D. (Eng.) in power systems with the thesis “Power systems operating regimes considering consumers characteristics”. Dr. Roșca developed her career in ISPE, starting in 2003 as design engineer and later as project manager, and her responsibilities became more and more complex once she took over the coordination of the National Power System Planning and Development Team. Thus, in her 20-year career dr. Roșca developed and coordinated about 150 studies regarding the interconnection to the National Power System of various types of power plants (from around 10 studies for fossil PPs, up to 136 studies for RES, of which 46 PVPs, 78 WPPs and 12 HPPs) or consumers (4 studies); and over 20 grid sustainable development analyses for our national TSO – Transelectrica, concerning the steady-state operation / static stability / transient stability, and short-circuit calculation.