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Teodor Sebastian Săcuiu

Teodor Sebastian Săcuiu

ENVIRONMENT Division Director

Phone Number

+40 721 369 694

Starting with June 2023 Mr. Săcuiu is appointed director of the Environment Division in CCEM, managing three subordinated departments tackling issues related to air-water-soil quality and climate change mitigation & adaptation.

Mr. Săcuiu, for 40 years, is proficiently managing recommending, planning and implementing cost-effective and sustainable solutions to respond to environmental pollution challenges.

Immediately after being admitted to the Technical University of Civil Engineering in Bucharest, Faculty of Hydrotechnical Engineering, specialisation in Hydraulic Structures (1983), Mr. Sacuiu embarked on an exceptional professional career when he joined the Institute of Energetic Studies and Design.

Driven by the desire his recommended solutions to be water resource efficient, Mr. Săcuiu has gain his experience starting with complex systems across various industries to ensure water supply for cooling circuits, including the treatment of industrial wastewater and the management of dense slurry. His expertise extends to water supply and sewage systems in communities, as well as the management of resulting sludge for energy use.

Throughout his career, he has overseen projects for approximately 20 county and local councils, as well as major industries (e.g., energy, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, etc.), water and sanitation operators. He has also been involved in the remediation – reclamation and repurposing of over 70 industrial waste deposits and historically contaminated sites; and the rehabilitation of irrigation infrastructure.

His experience in managing the implementation of EU funded projects (e.g., ISPA, PHARE, FEDR / Structural Funds for Environment, for Regional Development, etc.) should not be overlooked. He now makes his extensive knowledge available to the team he leads at CCEM, passing on his expertise to younger colleagues.